It’s A Small World Project


Over this week and last I have been put into a group and we have been asked to create a low poly scene. We will have a limit of 1000 polys for each of the individual models that we create. We will have to design, model and texture the scene working together over around five weeks.


To design a low poly section of a race track, inspired by the wacky racers TV show. The models are to be no larger than 1000 poly faces per model and the final product must contain at least two vehicles that are also low poly.


Our idea is to design a floating island section, that includes a construction themed race track, the island will house two vehicles matching this theme. Including a small section for trees and some construction materials and a  crane.

Wacky Racers

What are wacky racers? Wacky racers is a 1968 TV show that features a collection of unique vehicles as the compete to win a race using their vehicles

The images below are some models that our group has started to create for this project, none of which are complete in their current state.



I have been working on a construction vehicle for the scene, this could also be used as a wacky racer if we change the scenes theme, I am also creating some smaller models such as the people that will be placed around on the site and some background models such as trees and bushes. I am finding it easy enough to keep to my poly count limit as I know when I can use texture to fake the look of something in my models, so with this knowledge, I can accurately gauge how to get the most out of my model and use texture to do some work for me.

Overall the project is coming along nicely with all members of my team contributing to the final project along with set jobs for people in the team who are better suited to particular models or texturing jobs for any individual asset we create. The team is managed to keep focused as I have outlined a clear goal and to do list within the shared google slide for us to complete each week, either in our own or class time.





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