I-Dent Update 7 Submission

After some weeks of work on the I-Dent project, my I-Dent is finally complete. I managed to texture the models and source some sounds for the animation to feel more complete. The animation itself was restarted multiple times, in the beginning, to get the feel right and also nearer to the end due to lost work I had to uses a previous save of my work, in the long run, I think this helped my animation as after re-animating that section I used some mistakes that I had to correct the first time round to help not make those mistakes this time and I feel it improved the quality of my work.




The Principles Of Animation That I Used:

Squash and Stretch – I used the squash and stretch animation principle towards the end of my animation, having the Mimic squash and stretch when jumping back into position. I didn’t use squash and stretch too much throughout my animation as I wanted the mimic to be shown as a sturdy chest. I also tried to add in a hefty sounding bang when the mimic falls into place.

Slow In Slow Out – I attempted to use slow in and slow out within the jumps of my mimic, however, I still feel that for a slow in and slow out jump that it still feels as if the jump is at a consistent speed throughout. I would work on this principle by creating a larger distinction between the slow in, slow out and the main body of the jump.

Appeal – I feel that the appeal comes in the form of the mimic character and how he entered the scene in a happy way appearing pleased to be doing what he is about to do. Another way appeal in used is within the name as the bright colours stand out among the background.

Secondary Action – The main secondary action I used for my animation was by animating the top half of the chest to move with the whole body slamming shut when the mimic hits the ground and swinging further back as the mimic jumps.

Arc – When jumping the mimic jumps in arcs. This allows for a smoother curved jump that looks realistic to how a similar object would jump. This allows the animation to flow better by making the jump smooth.

Anticipation – I attempted to use anticipation nearer to the end of the animation after the mimic eats the letter and is about to fall onto his side but does not manage to fall on his side on the first swing. I would like to work on this principle as I feel how it looks currently makes the principle feel forced and out of place.

Timing – I used timing throughout my whole animation and I attempted to keep a consistent amount of frames for each of the jumps the mimic did, however, I feel the fact I had a 10 second time limit made some of my animation feel a little faster than I would have liked.

Exaggeration – I used exaggeration when the mimic consumes the letter E. the exaggeration comes in from how fast the letter is consumed and how it is just sucked up. I did this as I felt it would have been difficult to animate the mimic actually eating the letter and also for time purposes.

Follow Through –  I used the follow through principle by making it so when the mimic jumps his top hat falls down slightly after the mimic had landed, this adds a feeling of gravity to the scene, be it ever so slightly.

I sourced multiple sounds for my I-Dent and it took a lot of trial and error in order to get the sounds to both match and feel right with my animation, including a lot of syncing time, to make sure the sounds fit. In the end I got the combinations of sounds which you can see in the video above. Although I do not like the sound that go with my animation and if I had more time I would have spent longer searching for sounds of creating them myself, as I feel the sounds do not sound how you would imagine the Mimic to sound.

Overall I am very happy with how this project turned out and I am looking forward to the next animation project as I enjoy being able to learn more about something I find interesting. The animation itself I feel is a good starting point of being able to use the different tools Maya provides.


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