Lego Dimensions 3D Model

I decided that I wanted to further develop my 3D modeling skills and model some objects that I could find around the house, the first Interesting object was my brothers Lego dimension playboard. Just looking at it I thought it would be a small challenge to model and texture So I began to source images of the playboard.

Once I had the images sortedĀ for my reference I began to create the base of the playboard, this was the easiest part as all I had to do was create a couple of extrusions into the base. It was when I got to the portal area that things got a little difficult, as since the portal was made out of lego I needed to get the small shapes and bumps presented by the lego pieces.


Reference Photo

I feel that the model is a little off from the original image as the actual board seems to be a little larger than I had made mine at. I also need to add in the purple shield like parts onto the portal as well as a couple more textures to be added.


Render Of Model




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