I-Dent Update 5

When attempting to load up my I-Dent from my account, I found that due to the file size and lack of space on my account that the Maya file had attempted to save but rolled over to 0 kb leading to a file corruption meaning that I lost all of my work as the backup I had had been wiped from the shared drive. This did come with a few positives however as I had to go back and completely recreate my animation and after taking it home and putting some more work into it I managed to get it around the same area of development. An issue that came of this was that now with my animation the chest moves too fast causing the animation to feel rushed.


Going forward with my animation I will be texturing the Mimic, letters and the ground as well as finishing the animation to have the Mimic fall over on his side and jump into place before falling asleep, I will also be sourcing sounds to go with my animation to make it feel more professional.

Another issue I encountered when taking the Maya file home was  with the tongue as since I used Maya’s Mudbox like features of sculpting the tongue had some errors when transferring the file, to fix this I will try to reimport and animate the tongue or if that does not work then I will be creating a new model without sculpting.

I also reinforced my knowledge of batch rendering as I was told how to full batch render to the highest quality but also a part I did not know which was how to composite the images into a working video file. I found out using the powerpoint below that it was possible to use Adobe Premiere Pro to import all the images and export them into a video file. I also found after creating the video file I could use a program named HandBreak to keep the quality of the video while compressing it into a smaller file size.

Link To Batch Rendering Tutorial: maya-batch-rendering-and-using-premiere

Link To My I-Dent PowerPoint With My 3  Ideas: i-dent-project

Here Is A Link To My Brief: i-dent-project-brief

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