Animation Analysis

I will be going through the animation above and pointing out the principles of animation that I notice and talking about how these things help the animation overall.


We start off with some small anticipation, this is from when the man is brushing the sand away from the remote. His hand as it goes down pulls to the side before he begins to brush the object. I also think that in the arm motion that a slow in and slow out principle was used as the arm comes onto the screen starting slowly but then moves in a small arc to then come out slowly and start to brush. The anticipation principle is use throughout the man’s interaction with the remote as when he goes to pick the remote up etc.


This part of the animation uses staging as the are three main objects within this view, the man, the ladder and the pyramid. The man stands out as the ladder is uninteresting and stationary and the pyramid has a way of falling back into the background. The fact the previous scene had us with the man also helps with this staging effect.


This section shows massive character appeal as the man throws away the remote like a child who had done something wrong and the camel looks at him like a disapproving parent, this section shows a connection between the two characters and almost reverses the role of the man and the camel as if the camel owns the man, or is in charge at least. The way this is done sets up a scene later on where the camel attempts to trap the man within the monument.


This is a shorter section but while watching I noticed the camels tale as a secondary action, seen when he is on the ground and his tale begins to move around as he gets control of the remote. This also adds some extra appeal to the character of the camel as he is appearing to smile has he traps his owner within the pyramid.


Here some exaggeration is shown as the man is shot out of the side of the pyramid after a giant structure disappears into the sand. These two areas of exaggeration manage to work within the world of the animation as a way to move the character of the man around the scene.

That are some of the main principles that I picked out, There are many more cases of each within this short 3-minute animation however, I decided to just pick out the main cases of each to show and talk about.


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