Dystopian Car Project

This project has me designing some concepts of some dystopian and or utopian style cars, the project is split into three parts, the research, the concepts and a final 3D model of one of the concepts.

Initial Research 

The first bit of research I conducted for this project was to look at different. movies and games. As I wanted to get a feel for the worlds of the movies set in the dystopian and utopian worlds I decided to spend some time watching both Blade Runner and the new Mad Max reboot. I feel watching these films really helped in the influence for my vehicle designs.I also spent a small amount of time playing Fallout 4 studying the different vehicles to refresh my memory on the specifics of the designs.


The file linked below includes all the concepts that I have created using the previously mentioned forms of media to influence my ideas. The concept contains designs from both a dystopian and utopian world. The designs were meant to be designed as service vehicles. However, I did not commit to this idea so I mostly just designed the vehicles and then changed some to fit this spec.

Dystopian And Utopian Car Designs

3D Model Of Car Design

Render Of Car Model

Final PowerPoint Showcase


Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this project as I found it a change from the regular design classes as it allowed me to more freely explore what I could create. I will be continuing to develop or create more models in the future and I will use the research I have conducted in this project to help me with some work I decide to do in my own time.


Image Of A Desert Setting




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