Acting On Feedback

After looking at my feedback on my portfolio I decided to act upon some of the comments made about my work, including changing parts of my adventure time bean character to encompass a  familiar style throughout and to render some wireframes of my models using Maya. I have also acted upon some feedback given to me about my room project although not finished all completed feedback are shown in this post.

Wireframe Models

The first thing that I decided to change were my wireframes on my showcases for my room project, The reasons theses needed changing were because when making my showcases I did not know how to render wireframe models as it required some plugins that I did not have or know how to use. Although after some research and a lot of trial and error I managed to produce three renders of my models in wireframe.

TV Stand Wireframe Render
Large Draws Wireframe Render
Bed Wireframe Render


Adventure Time Bean Man (Realistic Beans)

Some feedback that I got on my portfolio was when I showed my Adventure Time inspired Bean Man. The comment more specifically was about how I had used images of real beans on the characters front, the comment was about how it breaks the style that was created by the design. So I went back and painted over the image of the beans to create a more consistent style.




Drawn Beans


Atomic Puppets

In my portfolio I showed off this art below, however, in the video, the image had a checkered background. So after a little editing of the image I can show off a higher quality version of the art.


Atomic Puppets


Maya Dog Model

This was based on some feedback I got on my room project, the three main things I was asked to do were to, add a model of both the dog and robot from the images into my room and to make the draw handles look shinier and in the shape of the actual handles. The render below is of the dog model I have added to my room, I am currently still working on the model of the robot and will be shown in my final post on my room project.


Dog 3D Model




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