I-Dent Update 4

Today with my I-Dent, I finally got around to animating the mimics first, jumps after planning with storyboards. Looking at what I had drawn, I now realise that I will have to go back and either recreate or modify the storyboards.

Once the animation has been completed and the Mimic and surrounding areas have been textured and lit I will then batch render my project. After doing some simple research I have found that the process of batch rendering simply goes through you animation taking screenshots of each frame allowing you, in the end, to put them together and create a video file. I am glad about how my animation is turning out and I think it will lead to a well-made portfolio piece.

I also learned how to animate the cameras within today’s lesson although I do not think it will be necessary for this project as a stationary camera works fine for what I need, however if I were to include some camera animations I would most likely just use a camera jump cut, to quickly change the angle of the shot.

To control and animate a camera, First you need you need to add a camera to your scene, once this is done you need to take control of it by going to Panels then Perspective and select the camera you made. This way, you can control the camera directly, and view whatever you want  and then after setting an initial keyframe you will then need to pick an area on the timeline for your new keyframe and Maya will do the rest.

Here Is A Link To My Brief: i-dent-project-brief

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