Next Gen Portfolio Feedback

My Feedback:

(Think about colours white on colours stand out much more than black. Turn the music off its distracting. good modelling development – I’d like to see wireframe renders more. Good demonstration of animation – you need to think about timing a lot more. When you play one animation – make the other fade off. Good unique character preented well. I don’t like the realistic bean logo – it break the immersion. Ensure all images are high res – get rid of the checkerboard background on the city image. Nice big images which is good! Good experimentation with physics. Nice ideas in your game design implemented well. Good experimentation with VFX – don’t over kill it though, vfx should look invisible in a film generally. Think about the animations you do – they need to work well with the footage.)

What I Thought Went Well:

Overall I thought my portfolio presentation went well. After spending a couple of days sourcing and putting together my work into a video, I ran into issues with the video editing software that lead to me having to recreate all the work I had done so far, While I feel this negatively impacted my showcase The overall feedback I got was relatively good.

What I Need To Work On:

Going forward I will look into my feedback and go back throughout my work and make some changes, some changes I will be making to my work can be seen below, Once I have completed the items below I will do a third update blog showcasing my changes.

  • For room project, render wireframes of my 3 models
  • Get image of atomic puppets scene in higher quality
  • Go back to Bean adventure time character and add drawn beans instead of images
  • Create my own ideas, drawn out and then go forward and create a 3D model representation of them.



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