Post Texturing

This is a small project, I started.  I have begun to texture the two posts near the entrance. Although the models are not mine, I do intend to add onto this scene, finishing texturing it and potentially adding more.

When I began to texture the post  I had a specific theme in mind, going for a similar style to that of Dark Souls, of a world worn down and dark. To help show this I looked at images of the Dark Souls games this really help to get a drowned out style keeping in mind that my objects needed to look old and worn. The idea was to have each model and their textures tell the story of the world that will be seen.

I also used the TURTLE render to render out the image you see above to enable this renderer, I went into Windows, Settings and Preferences, Plug-In Manager and enabled the TURTLE renderer, Once it was enabled I went into render settings and set the sampling to 1 and then 2 respectively. I then turned on Global Illumination, all of these settings put together produced the good looking render you see above.


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