I-Dent Update 3

The first thing I did once I had set up the area for the I-Dent to be created in, was Animation Blocking which you can see below. Animation Blocking is where the animation is created using pose to pose where some poses are created then filled in and smoothed out, however animation blocking allows the animation to be carried out showing only the key poses without the Maya software filling in the blanks for us, this allows for a better quality animation as you can change a lot of smaller things and make your animation flow better.

I-Dent Blocking

Once I complete the Animation Blocking, I will then go through my animation several times animating in passes, I will do this because when going through focusing on only one part of an animation at a time allows me to keep focus and not forget or miss things out.

My playblast above shows of my animation in its blocking phase, although not complete, I still need to add another part to the mimic this will be a large tongue, the tongue will be used to consume the letter E so that the mimic can take its place. I like my animation as it is allowing me to understand more in depth the principles of animation and I will be adding more principles into the animation as it develops further.

Going forward I will try to add more detail to the mimic, this being either features or color, I would also like to find a better font for the text as in its current state looks uninteresting and basic. I will also improve my animation as the current playblast only shows a basic representation of what I wish to accomplish with this animation.

Here Is A Link To My Brief: i-dent-project-brief

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