Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a simulator game like no other, the game has you pick from a large array of units to place onto a battlefield on multiple map different map types, the game has both a campaign where the player, with a limited amount of unit points, has to destroy the enemy army with any strategy they can come up with within the price range. However, there is also a sandbox mode with unlimited unit points and you place both teams down.

The game is really fun as you come up with new ways to battle your opponent, with the new tabs you can select different types of units such as  Crusaders, Vikings and  Napoleon just to name a few, the game comes with a misc tab too that adds in units that don’t fit into a particular category such as M16’S, boxers, and Donald Trump.

This game has a good mix of strategy and humour, having the player plan with fine detail where each unit will go and what unit that will be but once the battle has started humorous little glitches that work as if developed that way, where large units perform high jumps with a lot of damage or a cannon shoots the ground and goes flying. The game is far from complete but is still very fun to play with a lot of replay value.

The game is currently free and you can download the open alpha here:


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