I-Dent Update 2

Working with my first I idea I have begun to develop it, I have created a Synopsis of the idea  alongside a link to my inspiration, the Pixar I-Dent. This idea is the idea that includes the Mimic from the first update, where the letter would be eaten.

Idea 1: The first idea is taking inspiration from the Pixar lamp animation, My version of the Pixar indent will have my name in large letters across the screen, then the chest that I have created would come onto the screen and consume the letter E before turning onto his side in its place and closing his eyes.
Here is the Pixar lamp animation:


[Text appears on screen (LUKE)]

[Large chest clunk sound plays as each side hits the floor]

[The chest jumps into frame thrusting itself forward]

[The chest looks toward the letter E with anger]

[The chest gets closer to the letter]

[The chest quickly grows in size to consume the letter]

[The letter E is consumed by the chest]

[Consumption sound plays as the letter is swallowed]

[The chest then takes the letter E’s place]

[The chest eyes close]

[Screen fades to black and snoring sound plays]

Asset List

I will be creating a more detailed asset list for my project but here is a small list of all the assets that I will needs to create and use for this idea.

‘LUKE’ Text

Chest Mimic Creature


Ground planes

Walking/ Falling Sound Effects


I will be creating a storyboard for my animation using the image below as a template for my own storyboard, this will allow me to go into the creation of my animation knowing exactly what I need to do, along with timings and the assets I will need for that scene.


Here Is A Link To My Brief: i-dent-project-brief

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