Squirrel Animation

The squirrel model itself is not mine and was a rig provided to us, I decided to attempt to create a short animation so that I could better understand to software. I began by planning out in my head what I wanted to do and then I created some major poses as this would help me to understand where I needed the character to be at a specific time. This is a principle of animation that I talked about in my 12 Principles of Animation post.

The animation overall has the squirrel shaking its tail for a couple of seconds before doing a small jump, the squirrel then moves its right ear to wave at the camera and then yawns. I feel I have used some of the 12 principles of animation well in this animation. such as the squash and stretch for the jump as well as the anticipation in the jump and the yawn, I also used secondary action for the tail moving in the background while the character does their animation. I have also used the follow through principle as when the squirrel jumps the tail moves up and then down at a slightly delayed time which gives the effect of weigh to the character.


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