I-Dent Update 1

When I first came to think of an idea for my I-Dent, I came across a lot of different I-Dents these included the logo for the old channel Jetix, a collection of MTV I-Dents  as well as the Pixar intro that they have at the start of all of their movies.

The image that you see above is a 3D model for one of my ideas where a Mimic chest comes onto screen then proceeds to look at the E in my name and then eat the entire thing, and then take its place before drifting off to sleep. For this idea I took inspiration from the Pixar I-Dent by replacing a letter with my character.

I started off by researching into these different types of I-Dents and creating a mood board to show them off to help me  in the creation of my own I-Dent. Using the mood board I then began to think of multiple of ideas for I-Dents, I wrote them all down and then later went back and selected a couple that I liked and thought I could animate easily.

I then began to create a Synopsis and Treatment for each which is basically like a summary of the idea and a ‘script’ like order detailing what would happen throughout the short animation including sounds. I will now go onward to create an asset list and drawn storyboards for each idea. Once these are complete I will leave a download to the powerpoint that I am working on below.

Here Is A Link To My Brief: i-dent-project-brief

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