Maya Room Interior Update 4

This is the final update for my Maya room interior as I have created all of the objects from my room to a standard that I am happy with and I feel that the time spent on the project was worth it as the room resembles my bedroom. Below you will find images of the final models that I created for my room and a link to download my inside the box project that shows off my room with final renders of both day and night and three individual models that I am happy with.

Clock and Weights

Left Bed Draws Objects

I decided to first focus on my bedside draws objects, I started with the left modeling my alarm clock adding small details such as the handle and feet, although this was just a small prob that would most likely not show up too much in my final renders snapshots, I still wanted to pay as much attention to it that I did for the rest of my models. The second prop I modeled was the weights, These props were hard to get right as they have a thinner outer shaft and get thicker in the middle but also have small grooves along the middle section so finding a mix of both these features that looked correct was difficult.

Book, Remote and Extension Socket

Right Bed Draws Objects

The right bedside draws props were much easier as the first was a remote control that was mostly just a rectangle that got smaller at the top, along with the texture I created what seemed to be a realistic remote control. The book as also easier as all it took was a textured rectangle to give the effect of a book. The third object the plug socket was one of my favorite props to model, although small I enjoyed working on the multiple plugs and wiring to make it look realistic, I used the same effect I had used for my lamps to create the wired piping for my plugs.

Wall Art

Wall Art

The wall art much like the mirrors were very simple to model but became slightly more difficult when you attempted to texture the model. I fist ran into issues with the texture as I attempted to draw out my texture as I didn’t think to take pictures, then I had the issue of getting the images to fit the UVs that I had created. However after a lot of changes to both the UV’s and the texture I managed to get some wall art the closely resembles my real wall art from my room.

Surfboard, Cubeworld Cubes, and Others


Large Draws Objects

Cube World Cubes

Cube World Cubes

The cube world cubes were simple to create as for each all that had to be done was create the right sized cube and then indent the front to resemble a screen and then add three buttons to each. The texturing was simple too as it was pretty much the same texture with a different image at the bottom. The model overall was repetitive and I ran into a couple of issues with the images but I managed to fix them.



The hardest part of the tin was the top cap as the body was just a textured cylinder, the head, however, was started with half of a sphere this made things awkward as I had to go back and merge each set of vertex points together to make the model flow better. I then had to go back and add in edge loops and adjust each loop to create the perfect cap for the tin.



I am really happy with how the surfboard came out, the board was the hardest thing to model as to create the board shape I used a lot of trial and error with edge loops and other tools till I got something that resembled the sure board model that I had, The texturing was made much easier by the fact that I managed to get some good pictures of the board. So I could just add the images with little editing.

Dubble Bubble

Dubble Bubble Sweet Dispenser

The dubble bubble machine was one of the more interesting models that I created as it used both a cylinder and a sphere on top of one another with the cylinder getting smaller as it got closer to the to. The pannel on the front was also weird to model as getting the indent and the knob right so it resembled the actual model as difficult and had me trying a lot of different models for these parts.

Window Wall and Blinds


Final Wall and Blinds

The final addition to my room interior was the wall and the blinds. The wall was created with five different parts as I needed four wall parts to create the gap in the wall and I needed a beveled smaller part to act as my windowsill. The blinds were also created using multiple parts using the same texture in different ways for each, I also created three thicker strands to represent the string that holds them to the top.




Overall going through and creating my room within a 3D real was really fun and I have learned a lot about my skills and how to improve the quality of my models, I am happy that I went with the Realistic Interior option as at the start I struggled with the Spaceship room, although I feel that I could have created a good spaceship interior if I had more time but for this project a realistic interior was best as it allows me to use reference meterial to better aid me in the creating of my models rather than creating completly new alien models off the top of my head.

I enjoyed modeling all of the objects in my room and feel that I have produced them to a hugh standard and made my room as realistic as I could given the time and skills that I had. I also enjoyed the texturing as being able to unwrap objects then apply images by editing them down to fit your texture was very rewarding.

All in all, I have enjoyed creating my room in Maya and have developed skills I can use in the future on different projects, I feel that my room is done to a good standard that I can achieve with my current skill set.

Linked Blogs and Project PowerPoint

The links below will direct you to each blog on this project. I have also added a small description so you can get an idea of what I talked about in each.

Update 1 ((Spaceship) Thoughts and Concepts)

Update 2 (Images and Initial designs)

Update 3 (Creating Pillows and Smaller Props)

Update 4 (Final Models, Reflection, and Project PowerPoint)

Here you can download my Inside The Box Project PowerPoint with my final renders and prop showcases. inside-the-box-project



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