After Effects Landscape Tracking

Working on After Effect I had managed to map out the area of a video recorded from real life and then use the points I had mapped out to insert some text into the scene which I then went on to animate so it moved with the scene.

To start we created a new composition setting the settings to HDTV 1080  25 and then inserted the 8-second long clip into after effects, I also set my renderer to ray-traced after that I then inserted the text that I was going to later animate, making sure to pick a font that stood out.

The next part was the tracking to do this I went into the effects tab went to perspective and then 3D camera tracker which applied the tracking markers to the video highlighting, the ground, objects, and trees. I  then created a detailed analysis under advanced as this would allow more markers to show up.

I then selected three of the marked points on the ground to create a triangle, this would be used to map out where the floor is in the video after this I then right-clicked and created set ground plane and origin and set camera and shadow catcher.

Once that was done I was then free to mess around with the clip and text adding in new animations to make the text emerge as the camera pans to an area. I added both a drop down text and the text flying away at the end below is my is my final result.


Overall I like how my landscape tracking worked it was a relatively simple process that can be used to create some high-quality effects to a video, I look forward to using this process in different ways in the future. I also like how my animation came out as after adding in the text both dropping down and the flying away I understand how if given the time you could create a nice VFX piece.


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