Scarce Drawing

While in the art lesson we were all asked to find an image of someone and then use Photoshop to recreate a realistic version, using the different brushes and tools that Photoshop offers.

I decided to go with the popular youtube John Scarce, this was because he was the topic of conversation at the time. I started by selecting the color of his face and painting on a new layer all the area that I could see on his face, I then repeated with his hair. I had the image on each layer as I worked on it, this allowed me to select the colors without having to go back and change through the different layers.

I also had an opaque gray layer above the original image. I did this as I could only draw what I could see so by decreasing the opacity each time I could add a little more detail which helped me to pace my work well creating a semi-realistic drawing of Scarce.

Overall I am happy with how this drawing came out and I also feel that my Photoshop skills have been greatly improved upon as before I struggled with the software as it was alien to me, however after using it to create this drawing I have learned some things about the software and how I conduct my work. This will also help when creating my robot character in Adobe Illustrator as they run of similar controls.


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