Robot Character Mock Up


Once I had finished my research from the first post here. I began to design  a wide collection of different robot design with different themes in mind for each, giving them all their own purpose for if they existed.

Theme: Firefighter


This robot was designed with a firefighter theme, The design of the robot reflects this as of the parts on the  arms which are a standard arm that could lift heavy objects and another arm that would be used for a fire extinguisher. The bottom of the robot also shows this as having wheels and a sturdy bottom means that it would be hard for the robot to fall over.

After designing this robot I decided that I liked the mesh of the different characters that I had found from my research, and how they came together to create their own robot that has been constructed to fit a purpose. Something that I didn’t like about my design was that the overall design does not flow together too well and it feels like different parts don’t work with the others.


Theme: Musical/ Radio

This robot was designed to more recreational use having to be a small robot that could follow you around playing your favorite music, This robot while being simple would be very helpful aiding people in what music they would want or what suits the situation.

The design of the robot was small, I didn’t like this at first as it didn’t allow me to put in suitable details, The idea if expanded I would increase the size and change some parts of the design such as the shape. I did like the way the speaker worked with the design acting as a mouth to give this design more of a cute friendly look.

Theme: Companion

The design of this robot reminds me of Claptrap from the Borderlands series. The idea for this robot would be that it would either be a storage companion or a type of sales robot that goes around offering food to people like an annoying vending machine.

The design of this robot was difficult to judge as much like the first design it feels like more of a mesh of robots I have already seen in my robotic research post. I do like the body design as the way it enlarges as it goes up adds depth to the character but the robot itself is not intresting enough to be developed.

Theme: War

This robot was clearly designed for war as it is armored and has weapons built into it, The robot looks like a robot that you could create in the Fallout universe from the Fallout 4’s Automatron DLC which allowed the player to use all the robots within the world to create their own variations of  the robots.

I like the simplicity of this design and how it has a clear purpose and is reflected within the design. If I was to develop this deign I would make sure that a lot of effort went into making the robot look worn down and damaged as that is the feel I get from it.

Theme: Pet

I personally like this robot design as it reminds me of the robot Dog from the Half-Life series with a mix from the robots from Portal 2. This could also be the reasons I got the per idea from as it looks like an innocent robot who would play with people much like a dog.

I like the design of the robot as the round design on the head and on the shoulders fit into the style of the robot and make the robot look friendlier. I did not like the legs however and felt they were too menacing and sharp to fit with the design of the robot.

Theme: Knight

The design of this robot is one of my favorite drawn ideas as it combines the old view of knights and chivalry with the modern design of robots and energy shields. The clash of these two very different time periods helps to make the character interesting.

I like the design of this robot as starting from the head and working down you see what would be knights armor but merged with the robot to create some kind of armor that is attached to the robot. I also like the way his weapons while still being a sword and shield are modernized and the shield being created out of energy and the sword being integrated into the design of the robot itself.

Theme: Storage

This robot reminds me of the robot you see in Star Wars in episode 4 when you are on a desert planet following an alien race who collect and sell robots named Jawas. This robot could be used for storage as it is a big robot and would be slow but be able to carry heavy objects to areas.

I don’t like this robot’s design as it feels that it needs developing more as it in simplicity is a box with legs. If I were to develop this design more I would most likely add some more defining features such as a distinguishable face or other accessories.

Theme: Worker

I am not sure where I was going with this design as it seems to resemble a sponge with chicken legs but after thinking about how I could develop this design I figured that if I made the design larger and with bulky arms I could use this design as a worker robot who could lift heavy objects and assist in the creation of products.

I do not like the current design of this character as it was obviously just created in an attempt to get something that looks like a interesting robot. However I feel if I develop this character like mentioned above that although the robot would not stand out, it could be used as a filler character in the background of scenes.


Robot 10.png
Theme: Weapons Transport

I decided to go with a different style of creating some robots that I had used before. Since the drawings didn’t yield too many good looking results. I went into the program Photoshop and used that lasso tool and began to create random patterns. Once this was done I filled in the area and got two shapes I liked one of the head and the other a leg, I then copied the legs to create 4 crab-like legs and used the head area as a head, I then went back and filled in the body area to get this silhouette creation.

This robot would be used in a war setting with its menacing look to intimidate the enemy, The robot could be used as storage for weapons or used to transport resources to different areas of a battlefield.

I like how the design of the robot looks, it reminds me of a creature that you would find in the StarCraft games. This is why I got a war vibe from it. The head also resembles some creature you would see in the Aliens series. I do not like how the robot does not have any arms.


Robot 11.png
Theme: Hero

The design of this robot is reminiscent of the robot named Baymax found in the movie Big Hero 6. This root which I created using the same method as the one above looks like a large robot who seems to be standing in a heroic stance.

I like the head of this design compared to the large body, this contrast adds effect to what the robots job would be but this could also be the armor that the robot is wearing that buffs him up and protects him from the damage he could sustain in a battle.



Overall I am happy with my 10 design of my robots, I will develop a couple and see which one I like the best. I will post another blog update on when I develop and colour the selected robot, ready for the hand in date.





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