Working in VFX using Adobe After Effects I have started to learn different techniques and processes that I can do to create visually pleasing VFX. These techniques include how to add and change layers and create small animations with different shapes and images.

When creating this short VFX sequence I used four patterns of lines going across the scene, I then imported these files into the After Effects Timeline and added a gradient to each to give them the desired colour. I then added in the shapes masking to each layer to only show what could be seen from that shape. After adding in some small animations to move the shapes and enlarge the star, I then went back and refined the animation making small tweaks to make to smoother.

The video above is the end product of my learning some Adobe After Effects, I have used different layers and some zoom in and zoom out animations as well as a layer that inverts the colours as the animation goes on.

Overall I am happy with how this short VFX sequence went, and feel that I can use what I have learned to further assist me in future projects allowing me to broaden my knowledge of VFX and Adobe After Effects.



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