First Animation In Adobe Animate

Since starting to use Adobe Animate or Flash, I have developed my skills mostly with drawing scenes with primitives shapes and a small selection of programming. Today I have begun a short animation of an explosion.


GIF Of Animation

Although short the animation consists of around 34 frames, some of which were repeated to slow things down a bit. I started by creating a small shape in the center then I added more frames then adding a slightly larger shape after that, I then repeated till I got near the dissipation of my explosion. I had learned from my research prior that explosions kind of come in on themselves as they try to fill the void created by the initial impact. To show this near the end I added in some smaller shapes as well as some larger shapes to give this effect. I then added some rubble and dust slowly falling to the ground.

I think for my first frame by frame animation that the explosion looks alright, I like how I added the dust particles and rubble at the end showing that the explosion did actually have an effect on something, I think my research helped me with this. If I were to recreate or edit this animation any further I would extend the scene to make more happen and smooth the animation by adding more frames having more happen.



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