The Christmas Game, POBO

I have been working in a small group to create a Christmas game, the game is named POBO and will follow a small Penguin who wakes up on a snowy day and decided that he wants to have a giant snowball fight. The game will be simple and will involve the player constantly running to the right of the screen throwing snowballs at different enemy types. The game will have a three life system and will count the score based on how far the player got, then let them share it to different social media sites.

The Playable Character

When creating the initial idea of POBO we drew out some sketches of different character designs, the images below were some concepts that we had for the character of POBO and the evolution of how he changed. After drawing out some sketches we started with a boy who was wearing a parker jacket who would throw snowballs at different characters.

Earliest Draft Of The Boy From ‘Snow-Ball-Game’

This drawing detailed that the boy would through snowballs at different enemy types, although the drawing was more of an idea we then went on to develop the character, adding in more detail, drawing out a couple of concepts.

The four images above were developments of the character, we started by drawing a view of the boy from the side, seeing that the game would be a 2D game that we would not need to detail the front. After working on the boy for a little bit the expanded for a more cartoonish art style. We then initially drew out how the boy would look till we got to  the design on the end. With this design, we liked how the body of  the character was being short and stubby but what we did not like was the face, so we decided to look to other games for inspiration. A game we came across named learn to fly, (which I mentioned previously in my research post) sparked out interest as it had a penguin in it, this helped to create some designs that you can see below.

We first started to draw some basic penguins, of different sizes, to see what they looked like and if they would work for the game. We eventually came to a design that stuck, this was using the short and stubby penguin design only using the boy’s jacket from the designs earlier. This design instantly became a design that we wanted to work on and use, although many more drafts were created  we have deiced to stick with POBO the penguin.

POBO In Photoshop Idea 1
POBO In Photoshop Idea 2












We then took the concepts into photoshop where we then painted over the top to create potential sprites for the game, At this point, we are unsure how the character will look in his finished stage but the two images above are a good indication of the final product.

The Enemy Types

While designing the base concept for the boy we also designed some enemy types, these include armored snowmen, raging Christmas trees  and evil gingerbread men. These concepts have not yet been developed too much as we are still designing the main game, level background, and animations among other things. The next post should include more information about the enemies and how they will work.

Gingerbread Man Concept
Armoured Snowman Concept
Raging Christmas Tree Concept
Basic Snowman Concept

Misc Ideas

Some other ideas we have had for the game are randomly generating tiles, this feature would have us build a small collection of tiles and have them be randomly picked as the player moves from each, this would mean that when playing the player will be able to enjoy their experience more as it would be different each time, this also means less chance for exploits from us creating one big stretch, this would also help with the infinite running aspect.

Another idea is powerups, the powerups would most likely drop from enemies you hit with the snowballs either multiplying your score, allowing you to fire faster or other ideas that could be used, this feature would help with players being able to get a higher score keeping the game competitive among friends.

A third idea is that we will add in a three heart system where if you get it or miss a jump you lose a heart and respawn while running, this would give players a chance to save their score instead of it being one mistake and fail type game. This feature would also work well with the powerups idea as players could obtain lost hearts as they kill enemies making their run last longer.

Initial Page Of Ideas and Concepts

The People Below Are Those Who Are Working On The Game:






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