Maya Room Interior Update 3

I have further developed my room interior, creating some new models such as my wardrobe and pillows, I textured some of these objects as well although I still have my ways to do before the completion date, I feel my project is going very well and working the way I am is helping to create better quality models and textures. I have also looked into lighting, seeing what could be illuminated once the room is complete. This could be done through light from a window creating a daytime render or I could make the scene darker and use less intense lights from my lamps in the room.


Creating a pillow that looked correct to both scale and shape looked to be difficult at first, but after some research into how it was done, I learned that I could use nCloth which is a built-in tool within Maya, to create a realistic pillow that I then could texture. I used the video that is linked at the bottom of the post and followed the steps to help me to create my three types of pillow that you can see above.

New Shelf Texture

I also put some extra work and went back and re-textured my shelf, I did this because since the shelf was my first model I was experimenting to see how it looked and in the end after I had textured it I felt it didn’t look right and it still had the UV lines, so I went back and textured the model again and I feel it looks more professional and up to the standard I want to uphold.


Textured DVD’S Docking Station, Speakers, and TV


After retexturing my shelf I then decided to create some smaller models to add onto it these were objects such as DVD’s my Ipod and my TV the image above shows these objects. I will be creating  some other smaller objects as I go forward adding a more lived in feel to my room.


While modeling the wardrobe I kept running into problems with the extrusion to create the doors, this lead to the wardrobe being completely remodeled about three times, Until I got the type of shape that I liked. After texturing the model I don’t like how the mirror that is attached to the wardrobe looks completely flat, I will most likely go back and remodel the wardrobe and compensate for this to get a cleaner result I will most likely change the body colour too as it is not that satisfying to look at.

Textured Wardrobe


Textured Bed, Pillows, and Duvet

After putting in some more research I found another video that will be at the bottom of the post, this video showed me how to create a realistic looking duvet for my bed, using a similar technique to that of how I created my pillows, as well as this I textured my two smaller pillows and my bed frame to finish off the bed. I put a lot of time and effort into creating the bed as realistic as possible. I did this because the bed is the centerpiece of the room and I wanted it to look professional.

Textured Bedside Table

After Modeling the bedside table from my last post, I have now gone on and textured it, using photos from my actual bedside tables but edited a small bit to create a more fitting texture for the model, I have also textured the handles which are not the handles from my bedside tables. I did the handles in this way as it was easier than attempting to create my handles as they are awkward. If I have time at the end I will attempt to go back and create the correct handles for my draws.


Textured Lamp

I enjoyed  creating the lamp, as it was simple and allowed me to experiment with the different basic shapes provided to me by Maya. I feel that I have faithfully recreated the lamp within Maya and wth being the first of the smaller objects to enter my room interior scene, I am happy with it and feel I have learnt a lot from this model. I will use what I have learnt in all my future models for the room.

Textured Large Draws

Using the same textures as the smaller bedside table, creating large draws was much easier and I encounted less mistakes, this was most likely due to the fact that I had already experimented with the smaller draws and found what worked. I used the same textures for my large draws as I did for the small draws, I did this because they are both the same style so using the same textued but changed in a small way helped to keep the style consistant.

Now most of my large objects have been complete, I will be posting my last room interior update next week, In the post I will be, creating the rest of the small objects for my scene, such as my wall art, other lamp amoung others, I will aslo be lighting and rendering my scene ready for the hand in date.





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