Crash Bandicoot Aku Aku 3D Model

So I decided to undertake a personal project using the program Maya. When think about possible objects or characters that I could model my mind went to the game series Crash Bandicoot and the small mask that goes with Crash on his journey named Aku Aku. I decided to go with Aku Aku as his design was simple but challenging having me create a flat triangular body but add more detail into things like cuts take from the mask or smaller missable face details.

Firstly, when creating the model I started with a simple cube and enlarged it to fit a suitable size for my model, I then switched to vertex view and adjusted the two bottom corners to get a similar shape to that of the character. The next step was to create the two indents on the top of the character, I did this by inserting edge loops and moving them around. I then added in the basic shapes of the eyes, eyebrows and mouth before unwrapping them.

I then stopped to texture as I didn’t feel like it was going too well so I wanted to make sure, after using multiple textures to add onto the character, I got a combination that I felt worked. Once the main face was textured I decided to change a couple of things to better suit the style, These were small things that made a big difference such as moving the eyebrows to better suit the image I was using, I also moved the tip of the nose outwards to give it a more 3D effect.

After creating the main face I started work on the leaf ‘beard’ and feather ‘hair’ these were the most difficult as they were unusual shapes that I had to create from scratch, this also meant they were difficult to unwrap and texture but after messing around with the vertices, I decided upon some shapes that I liked and felt worked with the style I had for the character.

Once fully modeled, unwrapped and textured. I began to use the lighting, Using three-point lighting I placed  the key light which was an intense spotlight, I then added two fill lights one to highlight the shadows and another with a blue tint to highlight the character with a blue glow, I also created a blue-tinted backlight, I did this as I wanted my background to be the iconic blue portal from the Crash Bandicoot series and I wanted to look like the portal was bouncing off the character.

Final Render.png
Final Render

Overall I am happy with how my character has come out, I feel starting with a simple character was the right decision as it helps me to work up to more difficult challenges in the future. I also feel picking a character from a game series I know and love also helped in his creation as it made me go back and redo entire sections as I wanted it to look as good as possible as it would be resembling the game.

Final Render With Background

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