Meeting Coatsink

The other day two employees from the games company Coatsink, A games designer Jonathon and animator Gary came in and talked about their new game Shu, they showed us how they worked with another company named Secret Lunch and with the idea of Shu turned it into a realized game.

They started off by showing us the teaser trailer for Shu from back in 2013 and then they showed us the trailer that released alongside the game this year, as they went through each trailer they showed us how they had overhauled the game-changing most of the things about it from the levels design to the animations. the two videos below are of each trailer. It was amazing just to see how much the game had changed from Secret Lunch’s original plan.

Other than Shu Gary and Jonathon talked about their jobs and what roles they do, since they are an Indi studio there are only around 40 employees that are working on multiple projects at the same time, this pushed the point that Gary made when I talked to him after the presentation and that was that he only started his animation in University and went straight into the job after that, telling me most of what he had learned was from the job and from the other animator at Coatsink picking up most of the points from them.

Overall it was a good experience meeting actual game developers and furthering my knowledge of the industry and games. I have also played the game Shu and I can say I am enjoying it so far it is well made and a credit to Coatsink and Secret Lunch  for a fantastic game. If you want to check out Shu you can view the steam page here.

Also for the full presentation look below:


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