Maya Rendering The Spaceship

After unwrapping and texturing the spaceship model I then needed to light and render the model, I did this by using some three-point lighting techniques that I learned during my research from my Lighting and Rendering post.


To exactly know how to use basic lighting in Maya I first set up a scene with a floor and a ball as seen above, I then added in a spotlight and pressed the 7 key to turn on the lighting view, I did this so I could see how lighting in Maya worked and how I could later set up my three-point lighting scene for my ship.

I then, using the same scene and the diagram you see above, set up three-point lighting for the ball. I first placed a single spotlight for my key light, I then used the same spotlight and copied it over for the fill light only lowering the intensity so it could light the shadows. Finally, I then created a back light which lit the whole scene from behind.


Using the same method as I had used for the ball, I went into my spaceship model file and set up the three point lighting and I adjusted the lighting until I was happy with the render screen. In the render screen, I then adjusted the gamma settings until finally saving it to move onto Photoshop.

Render Screen

Once the ship was in photoshop I began to look for a suitable background for my image, I wanted an image that looked like the glass of the ship as I wanted to create a reflective effect so eventually I came upon the image you see below and felt that It suited the ship nicely, after adding In the background I then used some photoshop effects such as colour burn to make the images complement each other.


Ship Background


Render Of Ship


Overall I am happy with how the final version of the ship came out, I feel the lighting and effects were used to the best of my abilities and that the background complements the ship and the look I was going for. However, I dislike how when my ship was rendered, the texture came out to be a little more pixelated than I would have hoped. In future, I will attempt to add more detail and higher quality images to my texture to avoid this issue.





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