My First VR Experience

My first impressions of VR were on the new Playstation VR headset playing a demo of the game called Drive Club which is a racing game where the player has to complete three laps avoiding the eight other players, in the fastest time.

When I first put on the headset and adjusted it to fit my head, I quickly felt my mind trying to make sense of the world it saw before it, this was due to the fact that I could tell it was fake but it looked and felt real. The closest experience that I could use to try to explain it to you is, when you are exhausted and know you need to sleep and the world starts to feel different.

While playing the game I found I was mostly encapsulated by my surroundings ignoring much of the gameplay to take in the surrounding area, leading to myself coming later in the race.

Overall my experience was good and I look forward to seeing different types of games as VR expands into a more mainstream consumer experience and I will most likely purchase a VR headset either when I can comfortably afford one or if they reduce the price for a less high end consumer.


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