Unity Walking Simulator Feedback

While expanding on my unity walking simulator, multiple other students were given the chance to play and leave feedback on what they liked and disliked about the game so far, although I will be making another update on my unity walking simulator, some features that I have added since the last post are, some jumping puzzles, inventory system, a maze and a second level just to name a few.

Review 1: “good detail and clear effort went into creating the game”

“player is too slippy to do some parkour, could use other FPS controller”

Review 2: “well made environment”

“you could add better physics eg player”

Review 3: “the text at the start with controls is good and puzzles are fun”

“occasionally get stuck on parkour with glitchy blocks”

Review 4: “the world is well detailed”

“you could improve how the player  moves”

Review 5: “more than one level and I like the scene change also added in a goal for the player to achieve”

“you could add some checkpoints”

Review 6: “platforming gives the player an objective and created a second level”

“you could refine some of the parkour platforms to make them easier to get on”

Some positives from the feedback are that my game seems to have enough detail adding in smaller things such as particles and other details have helped. People also seem to like that I have given the player an objective and something to do other than just walk, this being in my puzzles.

Some things I will need to improve after reading the feedback are that I need to look into changing my player controller as it seems to be slippery and not feel good to control, I also learned that I will need to look at my parkour courses to make the player not get stuck and so it is easier. I will also look into creating a checkpoint system so if the player fails, they can retry without having to go throughout the whole game again.


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