Chrismas Game Research

I have been asked to research into different games and find what I like about them and what I could implement into my own Christmas-themed game. I will be placed into a group where we will work in flash creating the art, code, and gameplay for the game. Here are some games that I looked at and what I liked about them

Metal Slugmetal-slug

Link To Game

When playing Metal Slug I quickly began to understand the controls meaning the game was fun and didn’t force me to try to think too much about what I was doing. Metal Slug also gave an impression of being very chaotic with a lot of things happening all at the same time this lead to the game being fun and enjoyable while still being a challenge.

When further developing  the Chrismas game I will look to creating a linear experience that is easy to pick up and still fun to play, I will achieve this by always making the player see something that is happening and something they can affect during gameplay this would be things such as power-ups or score multipliers.

Learn To Flylearn-to-fly

Link To Game

Playing Learn To Fly was a fun experience, I enjoyed replaying the same scene over and over again getting a little further, earning money and then using that money to buy upgrades to go further each time. The game also had small achievements that when you unlocked them, would give a boost to your income giving you a reason to actually get the achievements. After playing for a little while I got further enough to unlock a new scene, this was a rewarding experience as it provided me with new achievements to progress further giving the game more replay value.

Some things I saw in Learn To Fly that I could use in my Christmas game are  the replay value and giving the player a goal, the replay value would be the chance to progress further and get a higher score than their friends.

Jetpack Joyridejetpack-joyride

Link To Game

Jetpack Joyride is a fun endless s runner that has the player using a jetpack to avoid different obstacles while collecting coins to improve their score, the game also offers a wide array of different power-ups that help the player while trying to get through the challenges that they have, the score is calculated by how far the player can get as well as this the background music fits perfectly with the gameplay style very chaotic but rewarding.

There are a few points of inspiration that I could use in the Christmas game, these are the things such as power-ups that will aid the player as they try to get further and achieve a higher score to show off to their friends.

Ski Safariski

Link To Game

The starting scenes of Ski Safari display a small animation where the character has to leave the house, this is a small simple thing but really adds effect to the game. After the animation, the player uses the skis to get down the hill collecting coins and avoiding different obstacles. The gameplay overall is simple, easy to learn and fun.

With the Christmas game I would most likely take the simplicity of Ski Safari as simple as it was it still managed to be fun and I found myself playing the game for a while and all I was doing was collecting coins, This feature would be good to have as it would make it easier for people to want to compete with friends over social media as they will have fun why doing it.

I have started working with some friends to create an idea for the game that we would work on, the images below are some ideas for the player and some enemies. The game would be an endless runner having players get as far as they can, this would also be the thing that they would share with their friends over social media. The game would have the player running forward as they collect different power-ups and shooting snowballs at throwing snowballs at the different enemy types.

The drawings are just ideas at this point I will have another blog post soon that will go into more depth about the game and the potential character designs. The current state of the game would be a side scrolling endless runner where you throw snowballs at the different enemy types like I said the game is in the rawest form right now and I have no doubt that things will change as we progress further.

You can play last years winning game by clicking here.


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