Maya Room Interior Update 2

After working on the spaceship interior for a while I decided that UV unwrapping and texturing the spaceships models was going to be difficult but possible I also had many errors when unwrapping that caused me to restart some models completely. I then remembered that I had a second option, as the spaceship was the option I thought I wanted to do but instead of creating the spaceship interior I am now going to model a room in my house.

The room which I have decided to model in Maya is my bedroom as I am most familiar with this roo in my house and would feel comfortable modeling each object. The main reason I decided to do my bedroom was because most items in my room are some form of rectangle and this would mean it would be much easier to get a good final render for my room than that of a spaceship as I would probably not be able to texture most objects other than placing the colours on without UV unwrapping.

The images below are of my bedroom. I will be modeling most things from my room and will add smaller details in at later points such as the items on my draws and other objects that are not in the images to make the room feel more detailed than it currently is.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By the end of creating my room I will need to deliver upon these requests:

-Reference photos you have taken.
-Renders of  3 individual props you are most proud of using 3 point lighting.
-Renders of the full scene from multiple angles so that we can see the full room.
-Work in progress reflective blog posts.
-Final blog post, which reflects on the entire project and your processes.

Starting with my room I first created a layout plan in Maya till I felt that I had the right distance between the main objects. I did this by using rectangles of vaguely the right size of the objects to fill a space where the object would be in the final model.

Basic Room Plan

Once the room plan was complete I began to create some of the models for the room using the photos I had taken of my room as a reference to make sure that they looked as realistic as I could get them. After modeling all of the major objects in the room from the plan, I will then UV unwrap them before creating and more objects. This is because in case I run out of time, I will still have a basic room already created for me.


The shelf was the first object out of the room that I had created, I started with this object as it was a simple shape having a couple of indents. I had to restart this model a couple of times however as I didn’t feel happy with how far apart the shelves were. I finally got onto this design and felt it was very realistic when compared to the original image of the shelves.

Textured Shelf

After modeling the shelves I decided to have a go at texturing it, this was the first model I had ever textured in Maya as I feel as it came out well. I think I will go back into the texture and remove the white border that you can see in the image as since this was my first texture job I didn’t think to remove it before I added it to my model.




The mirrors did not need much modeling as they are just flat rectangles. Where I put most of my effort with this model was in the texturing, the UVunwrappingg was simple for these models, as all I had to do was planar map two selections and sew them together, because of the simplistic design of the models it made the texturing much easier.


Textured Mirrors

I originally planned to create reflective mirrors that would reflect the room when rendered, however, after doing some research into how that could be done, I found that it was possible but only in previous versions of Maya as I would have had to install some presets and add the preset texture to my mirror. Since I am using Maya 2017 they have removed the feature and made you have to pay for it. So instead of paying for the preset textures I decided to just add a blurry mirror to my scene as it would have been very difficult to create actual reflective mirrors. I am happy how this texture came out as I feel it resembles the image of my mirrors as seen above in the slideshow.



The radiator was the third model I created for my room, I created the radiator by using a lot of edge loops and intruding every other face  into the model to create the indents seen on the radiator from my pictures.


Radiator Textured

I decided while UV unwrapping the radiator model, that all I would be doing would be painting the texture white. Upon realizing this I decided to just assign a new material to the model. When adding a new material I decided to go with a PhongE material painted white. I went with PhongE as it is the most shine  out of all the meterials, (you can find out more about that by clicking here) and with my radiator being made out of a metal possibly ‘Mild steel’ then It would be shine, so I needed to show that characteristic in my model.

Bedside Draws

The next model I created was of my bedside draws. This model was harder to create than that of the rest so far, this was I had issues with the handles and legs as they were hard to get right, in the end, I decided to go for a different style of handle than that show in the pictures I took, as I encountered too many issues. Going forward with this model I will texture the main body, handles, and legs separately as the legs and handles are more shine but the body is more of a matt type of texture.


The bed is the final model I have started as of writing this post, the bed was simple at first when curving the sides of the bed just adding edge loops and beveling the faces, For the headboard, I extruded part of the bed to get a straight angle. When creating the feet of the bed I extruded  small squares positioned equally away from the sides of the bed to make sure they were consistent, till they formed a pyramid type shape with the tip cut off.

Going forward with this mode I will create a blanket and some pillows and texture each separately, I hope that after texturing the bed looks well presented as I would like to use it as one of my deliverables props.


With the room interior, I would like to model, unwrap and texture all of the models shown in my plan at the top of the post. I would also like to create some smaller, more detailed objects. I will add some lighting to my room and create the textured walls and floor. So far I am happy with how my room is coming and feel that changing my room from a spaceship  interior to a realistic interior although costing me time, it was a necessary decision that I glad I made as it means I can put maximum amount of effort and focus into the project leading to a better quality product.



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