Maya Model Texturing

After using Maya for a little while now, I have now been how to texture using UV unwrapping and photoshop.


Firstly before, moving straight onto the texturing I had to identify four base textures, these being Lambet, Blinn, Phong and PhongE you can see each in the image above going from Blinn and Lambet as the top two and Phong and PhingE as the bottom two.

Lambet is used to give off a matt look with a little shine to it, going onto Blinn, it has a slight shine but just a little enough to have a small effect and then Phong and PhongE, both being the shiniest of the basic textures, used for items such as metal and glass.

Moving onto the texturing, I had first decided to use a base Blinn texture of my spaceship, this was as I wanted it to look well-used butt, still having a spark of life with a faint shine, Once I had unwrapped the spaceship I laid them out and saved them as a PNG and put them into Photoshop.

UV’s In Photoshop

After laying out the UV’s I decided to choose some images I would use as the textures for my ship, after doing some research I ended up with the textures you see above. One for the body of the ship and another for the windows. The image below is taken of my now textured UV’s in Photoshop.untitled22344

I decided to do my ship like this as it kept it simple and I thought that was necessary for my first texture job. However, later on, I decided to add some rust, adding to that well-used feeling I want the ship to give off. After I did this I felt it looked good and began to add more areas that would be rusted, making sure to pay attension to the model to get rust in the places where it would most make sense like the top of the ship.

Overall I am happy with how the ship looks when it is textured, I will also experiment with other methods of texturing, such as drawing the texture in my own time to add to my models. This will be most helpful with my room model that I am currently working on.

Want to find out more on my room model? Click Here.


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