Flash Game Developers


I have been asked to research into two flash game developers. I decided to go with the creator of Age of War Louissi and Wolf Games developer of Apple Shooter and GunBlood.


  • Age of War
  • Smileys War
  • Super Pilot
  • New World
  • Scuba

Full List At Bottom Of Blog

The first game released by Louissi was Age Of war since then multiple games have been released around 26 in using flash all having a rating between 5-9/10.

Looking at most of the games on the list, they all seem to have been developed by a single person although, They do not seem to develop the games alone as on each post on the website Newgrounds in the credited section there is normally another name that helped with development for example on the  Age Of War page a second person by the name CyprusX seems to be credited. Looking at more of the games it would seem Louissi being the name on every game is the programmer as detailed in some credits sections.

After developing in flash since October 31st, 2007 as a release of the popular game Age of War, which you can find a review of here. Since then there has been a post on their blog informing followers that they are moving to Unity and have an upcoming steam game. The post can be found here.

Wolf Games

  • Gun Blood
  • Apple Shooter
  • Dead Samurai
  • Trick Shot Pool
  • Gem Collect

Full List At Bottom Of Blog

Some of the bigger games released by Wolf Games are those of Apple Shooter and Gun Blood. Although Little information can be found out about the developers and future projects as the website used to host all of Wolf Games, games has been taken down recently.

So all we have are the 26 games that they have already released, with the developers of theses flash games disappeared I dont think that we will be getting a new game from them anytime soon unless they have been working on a bigger project much like Louissi working on larger projects takes time.

Games Developed By Louissi Below, With Links, Ratings, And Play Count




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