Robot Research

I am supposed to design a robot with a specific theme in mind, using 10 rough character designs using the research found in this blog, This post highlights what I found while researching robot character designs.

Throughout my research of different TV, movies, and games I found a lot of different types of robot designs from, humanoid designs to random assortments of cartoon and lifelike designs. Below is a summary of what I found from six different sources when researching the robots.


One of the first games I found with robots was the game Awesomenauts although the game has many playable characters, not all of which are robots. The game also offers a sizeable selection of robots with a few images above detailing their design.

The design of the characters varies with each one as they all have a distinct look from, large and rounded to small and thin even one character having no legs and hovering on a thruster, The design is consistent with each character as they all give off a futuristic cartoonist look.

When designing my own robots I will look to give them a light animated feel as that will give me more options in the future with the design I could take, I will also attempt to merge the futuristic look of most robots I found in my research but with a less importance put onto the robot actually being able to exist.


While researching the Fallout series I found most of their robots were all created for a purpose, grounding them in reality, Since Fallout is set in an alternate reality where the 1970s view of the future became a reality each the of the robot designs reflect this as they all have those rounded edges giving them a safe look.

You can see of each image the robots and how they have their own personality, much like Awsomenauts, the design of each robot is very different again having a wide selection of, leg, body and head types.

Robots The Movie


When looking up robots this movie was one of the first things to appear, as I looked at each of the main characters designs I noticed that no character looked a like with a lot of different designs among not only the main characters but every robot in the movie. This helped as with each robot being different I had a grater spectrum of what types of designs I could think of and put into my own robots.

Each robot in the movie has some of the same features, such as their eyes or nose and all look like they were based off a human, but as you look at more characters you can see how each time the design was tweaked to create a different character. I will most likely take that idea of using a character I have already designed and redrawing it differently, after doing this a couple of times I should get an entirely new robot, This will help me in the design process of my brief.


When I came across Futurama’s robots, I instantly noticed that most of the designs were simple, providing subtle detail such as the chest hatch and the teeth, This design works well for their purpose as most of the robots in the show are used to further the plot points so little time is needed to be wasted when creating these plot shifters.

I like each characters simplicity and how each character has a new head and body type with all of the robots going off mostly the same arm and leg designs . I will most likely use this in the design of my characters as it will be the body and head that get the most attention.

Star Wars


When researching into the Star Wars universe I was amazed to discover the amount of robot character designs that were from the comics, The images above are of some of the popular characters from the movies and the ones I will be talking about, however I will be using some ideas from the robots that I have found while researching.

Starting off the robots from the Star Wars Series are very different in the way they are designed, some designs of the robots also present them as being used and dirtied in battles of while conducting the jobs they were created to do, This small amount of detail that adds a lot to the character is something that I will be using in the design of my robots, when I come to add more details into my drafts.

Doctor Who

While looking at each Doctor Who robot, I found that each design has a lot of small details added onto them from little creases to wires and accessories, showing that theses ‘species’ of robot has been fleshed out, this works with the theme of Doctor Who as the Doctor has to face these ancient beings, whom he has a history with. So this level of detail is necessary.

I do not think that I will be adding that level of detail onto my robot character design as I feel it would be unnecessary. I want my character to be an expendable unit. Much like that seen above in Star Wars, with the battle droids, they have little detail as they are used a lot and get destroyed all of the time.

Notable Designs

  • Portal(GlaDOS, P-Body and Atlas)
  • Half Life (Dog)
  • Sir, You are being hunted
  • Mass Effect(Geth)
  • Transformers
  • Ratchet and Clank(Clank)

These are some other robots from media that I found and looked into, but this just shows the amount of designs for robots that are possible and most of the robots that I have shown on this post are very little a like, unless they are from the same show or game.

From this research I have learned, different ways in which I could design my robots and different features that they could have such as, Different styles of legs or even a thruster  or wheels in place of legs. I have also decided that I am going to design my robot with a cartoon look as I feel this will make the later process of designing and colouring the robot much easier. I also plan to use this robot in a game eventually as an expendable character such as an enemy, however if I wished to use the robots design as a main character I would probably add a lot more detail as it would be what the player would be looking at all the time throughout their experience.



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