Maya Room Interior Update 1

After being given my brief I decided to go straight into research so I had some ideas on what to create. The research has had be looking at a lot of different kinds of spaceships taking ideas from each on what I could do with my own. Each image of a spaceship interior seemed to be of a small area but show off a lot of detail. The images below are some I used for ideas.

I decided to start by creating some basic but necessary props such as a chair, desk, and a box, then after creating these props I began to use Maya to create some basic ideas I could use for my final render.

The Three Basic Models

The Cratebox

The first model I designed was a crate, I wanted to give it a futuristic look so I beveled the edges to round it off then extruding each corner. I took inspiration from my research, mainly that of Halo as I liked how some of the crates looked, giving off a practical but military look.

Once I texture the create I think that I will take more from the image on the left as the overall theme that I want for my spaceship is a clean room but with subtle dirt and worn down patches making the room look lived in. The left image displays these qualities as it looks to be a clean new crate but once you look closer you can see faded textures and scuff marks that overall add to the feel.

The Chair

For my chair, I took inspiration from the image below looking at chairs from it and I began to model, taking things such as the circular bottom and the side arm rests not being attached, to give my chair a more futuristic look.


The Desk

For the desk I took my  own ideas and merged them together, starting with the slanted desk I decided that I wanted a monitor to be coming out of the desk or connected in some way, I also expanded the desk to fit three monitors as during my research all desks and ships look state of the art so would need to have the best equipment. After finishing the majority of the desk I then went back and added two small panels and some buttons as i felt that the main body of the desk was lacking, I will texture over these to give them more of a spaceship look than the model can show.


Interior Designs


I started by creating a small room with two walls visible, I then added a second floor that can be accessed by a ladder I had modelled after adding in a few models and moving them around to see how it looked, I decided that I needed a table, I then expanded the model quadrupling its size so I could then add in a table extruding from the ground, I then bevelled the edges to give a rounded look.

Overall I am happy with this design as it is simple and looks smooth, I especially like the second-floor area as I feel it shows dominant overlooking the rest of the area, I will use this design to create different looks for the room using new models I create.interor-1

My second design is much more simple than the first, This being just a box with indented sides, I like this design as it is even more simple than the first providing a small area that could be filled with lots of small details, allowing me to have time to focus on that area than worrying about filling the space. I like this design as it allows me to put more effort into creating a detailed workspace, allowing me to put more time into modelling and waste less on arranging how the room looks.interor-2

My third design goes back to the first but expands on it a little, Instead of having a giant rounded table the table now has a base to stand upon, I also indented the area where the desks were as I felt this gave the room more depth. I also added a small indent to the left of the image, although originally designed to be a computing area where computer monitors were embedded into the wall, after designing it I felt as if it could be used as something else such as a storage area or a gun rack depending on what theme I wanted to give the spaceship room. I am happy with this design as although not much has changed from the first, The room feels a lot more fleshed out and realistic with more depth.


Going forward I am going to design some more interiors for me to pick from, I will then decide on which designs I like the best then find out other people’s opinions to get the overall best design I can. I then will start to create and download some more models, corresponding with the interior selected. After texturing all of the objects I will then render out the room and after checking the render, look for things I want to change before creating my final render.


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