Shadow Of Mordor

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is an open world action-adventure video game. The game released on September 30, 2014 to high praise reaching solid 9/10 on most reviews. Shadow Of Mordor was developed by ‘Monolith Productions’ and published by ‘Warner Bros. Interactive’.

Now that you have some background to the game you might be wondering what is the gameplay and story like? The story in its entirety is easy to follow but is mainly there as a purpose to push the gameplay upon  you. Shadow of Mordor’s gameplay is reminiscent of a Dark Souls game, rewarding you for defeating difficult enemies but punishing you if you fail by buffing up the enemy you lost to. shadow-of-mordor-ultimate-betrayal

The game uses a hierarchy system for its enemies, allowing you to control members by branding them with your spectral powers, after working your way through the hierarchy of orcs, killing off those who had defeated you or turning them to serve your bidding. You can then take on the Warcheifs.

The Warcheifs are strong and highly respected sometimes having bodyguards surrounding them and requiring the player to do different actions such as kill some of the orc trainers in order to get them to emerge from their castle if you have his bodyguards under your influence  once you begin combat you can star the betrayal turning the tide of battle very quickly.

Shadow of Mordor is a very fun game with a lot of different mechanics that can change how your battle works, you could run into an orc settlement freeing human stragglers while killing the orcs or maybe go in converting the orcs to aid you in battle or attack with already converted orcs. All ways of playing can change in an instant providing the player with different ability’s they can use to their advantage.


You can also find a wide range of collectables in the game such as perks or just trophies all of which have a detailed description and history that bring the lord of the rings world to life inside of the game, although the game would probably of been good without the lord of the rings history I think that the already established history of the universe aided the developers to focus on gameplay rather than story and that shows in how the game plays.

The character design reflects the gameplay showing that although there is dark and there looks like no hope the light will shone through, this is slimier in the game as you are tasked with taking over this huge land that has been consumed by the orcs who kill and enslave humans, but then you come and using your light powers you convert the orcs to fight for you helping you to liberate the land of their negative presents .

Overall Shadow Of Mordor is a fun and original game that still hold up to this day, I hope that one day I could aid in delivering a game that is so well made and fun to play as this, using a well blended mix of gameplay and story to create a unique experience.

Check Out The Video I Made On Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor By Clicking Here.


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