Playable Halloween Level

After creating the Halloween Scene I was then asked to create a playable level for a game using the scene. To start we were given the engine with all the code for a basic platformer, most of which I didn’t know what it did.halloween-code-1


After looking at the code and playing the simple level that was already created, I found an intentional error that made the left and right controls inverted. All I had to do to fix this was, go into the code and find where the code has the controls I then found that the left and right controls were swapped so I switched them back, I did this for both the key down and key up to let the game know to stop moving the character when the key was released.hALLOWEEN CODE VARIABLES.png

I was also able to control the games variables such asghost gravity, speed, and jump height. The code given to me made the character feel flighty, so to fix this I increased the gravity. But since the character I had created was a ghost to fit in with the Halloween theme I want them to be able to jump higher so I increased the jump height so the character could get to the starting platform.

I started to give the player an objective being that they needed to get to the cloud in the top right of the screen, they can do this by getting onto the fence that had fallen down on the church and going on the clouds until they got to the top right. I did this by having all platforms I wanted the player to be able to jump on, on the ground layer. This made sure the player could collide with the objects on that layer. Since most of my scene was on a layer so the player could walk past I had to hide the platforms making them blend in with the buildings as to look normal.

If you want to you can try out the level for yourself here, I have also added in some animations although currently unfinished they provide an idea on where this level could go in the future.


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