Mudbox Rock

This being my first time using Mudbox, this project was to create a realistic looking rock using the different tools such as Drag and Flatten. I started by using a sphere and ended up with what seems to be a rock.

Starting off I selected a sphere from the menu that has models already created such as a T-posed human or a car as well as much more. Starting with the sphere I began to use the Flatten tool to create a flat bottom for the rock to stand on, the goal was to make the rock look as realistic as possible. So when it came to using the Drag tool, It took me a couple of attempts to get the drag that looked right as every time I used the tool the shape seemed to become distorted.

rock 2.png

After getting the overall shape of the rock to a stage where I liked how it looked I began to experiment with different tools such as the knife tool that when holding shift will extrude a small area to create little bumps along the side of the rock. As well as this I also used the other tools to form more detail on the rock.

Going forward I will texture to rock using Mudbox’s stencil tool. I will find an image on the internet then paint the image onto my rock to make it look more realistic and give it a overall rock feel when looking at it.


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