UV Unwrapping 2

After finding that I couldn’t UV unwrap my own spaceship, I had to use a pre-created ship to UV unwrap and then texture, the image above is of that ship. As you can see the ship is small but has a lot of different areas of shapes such as the front window and the two holes on the wings.

After UV unwrapping the ship and learning different techniques and how to sew the parts of the ship together. I now feel more confident with UV unwrapping, although I still have some learning to do I feel like I could take a model and start to create a working texture map for that model.ship-2

While UV unwrapping the ship imagining the ship as if it were a sheet of paper, was difficult at first, but as I thought about it more it slowly became easier to visualise it in my head, making the unwrapping easier overall. However, when unwrapping I found that I would sometimes miss different parts that I thought were selected, this was easily fixed as I just had to planar map them separately then sew it on at the end, although creates some needless work it is better than having to redo an area of the texture map just because you missed an area.


This image is of the ships UV form, ready to be textured


Now that the ship is fully unwrapped I will go on to learn how to texture each part and render out the final view of the ship. I will also practise UV unwrapping myself to help understand how to do it easier and more efficiently.


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