UV Unwrapping

What Is UV Unwrapping?

UV Unwrapping or UV Mapping is the process of taking a 3D model and mapping it out onto a 2D surface so that the model can then be textured. This is done as it is easier to paint onto a 2D surface and then for that to be translated into a 3D world than it would be to paint onto the model directly.

The Process Of UV Unwrapping

First with UV unwrapping you need to imagine your model as a piece of paper that needs to be unfolded. This is because while unfolding your model the model can stretch so if you think of it like a piece of paper when unwrapping  you will know if the planar map of your selected area would work or not. With your model you need to select an area you wish to planar map, then you select half of that shape and go flatten the UV’s after doing that with each side you then need to select a common edge of both UV’s and sew them together, The best place to sew is an area that most will not see. Then after you do that with all of your parts your model is then ready to be textured.

Unfortunately, with my ship, I could not UV unwrap it as the way I had modeled it I was left with some errors meaning that I could not unfold the UV of the base of my ship.

What Went Well With UV Unwrapping

However, I did then take a pre-created model to UVunwrap and texture. After looking for the error in my ship I could not find the issue despite using the in program tools to help find errors. Now that I have experienced this issue with my model I think I will model better as I will be thinking about if the UV unwrapping will work.

What Was Difficult With UV Unwrapping

After doing the pre-created ship at home I began to learn how difficult UV unwrapping was as I encountered a lot of issues from not knowing what to do or missing different smaller shape that was on the ship. After looking into each issue I now feel more confident with UV unwrapping as a whole.





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