Halloween Scene

Starting off in flash much like the primitive shapes post, that you can find out more about here. With the Halloween scene, I was asked to create the five shapes that you can see above. The using these shapes, I was allowed to manipulate the shapes in any way, but not create a new one.

Starting off with the land, I created a layer exclusively for the ground. This was so when I came to change anything I could look on the layer with that on without affecting the others. With the ground, I used shape 5 multiple times to create a hill like structure and enlarging as I went. Once the main ground was finished I used shape 3 and distorted it so much that it began to look like grass, I then added it in along the main body of the ground, as well as three gravestones to the right of the image.

Once the ground was complete I began to work on the buildings using mostly shape 1 and 3. I used shape 1 to create the base of all three buildings as well as the top of them. After creating the basis of the buildings I began to build them up using shape 3 as I thought the sharp points of that shape made the buildings look dangerous which fit with the scary Halloween theme.halloween-2

After creating most of the buildings I began to add smaller details such as the crow on the middle building, I created it by moving around some shapes it I felt it looked good enough. A failed version of the Crow ended up being the ghosts you can see three of around the image. This happened due to me changing the square around and ending up with something that resembled a ghost.

After finishing the main section of the image I created two new layers One for the sky and another for the moon and clouds. I did this so when I picked a color for the sky I put that layer to the bottom so when you look at the overall image the sky is at the back. After adding in a sky I began work on the clouds and moon. For the clouds all, I used the square, changed the color and used a tool to change the shape of the square, making it longer and have a flow to each. The moon was easier as all I had to do was, use shape 4, change the color and add smaller versions on that onto the surface in a different color to give it a distinct look.


Overall I am happy how my Halloween scene turned out, I will also be using this scene to help create a 2D platformer game in flash. Once I have begun the process I will post it on my blog, You will be able to find a link to the post here. When I post it.


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