Flash Game Reviews

Age Of War

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Age of war is a strategy game that has you  evolve through the ages buying different soldiers and turrets as well as having some special attacks you can use, The game puts you against an enemy being the computer. The first one to get to the others base and destroys it is the winner.Age of War is a widely known game as it was the highest rated game on ‘Max Games’ a popular flash games website, for a long time.

I decided to play this game as I had played it before and I can play it again and again and enjoy it each time, The Age of War game also has a sequel Age of War 2, the second game adds a lot of features the original missed while still keeping the same flow of gameplay, It adds in new things such as upgrades and more troops to choose from.

I strongly recommend playing both games as they are both fun and original which is why a lot of people loved playing them, The games are still free and as fun as ever, you can find the link to both games below.

Play The Original

Play The Sequal

Swords And Sandals

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Swords and Sandals is a gladiator RPG, that has you released from prison and been sent to fight in the gladiator arenas. At the start the game gives you 10 skill points which can be used to upgrade your character, however, more can be obtained later by progressing through the game, You can also customize your character being in, Name, Skin color, and Facial hair.

The game also has a unique combat system having you pick from a selection of movement options as well and a taut and attack button but as you get close to your opponent you can choose from a quick, strong or normal attack, all of which have their own percentage to hit and damage dealt. As well as this the game also has your Health and Tiredness meters at the bottom right in pots.

As well as this the game has an  experience or (XP) system that gives the player three new skill points every time they kill an opponent. Overall swords and sandals is a unique experience, especially for a mostly free flash game. The game now has 5 other games continuing to refine and expand on the original. The game developed by

The game developed by EGAMES who have developed many different flash games as seen on their website. Although the swords and sandals series seems to be their crowning achievement.

Play Sword and Sandals 1 through 5 Here.


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GUNBLOOD, is a simple but fun game. It puts you against an opponent and has you holster your weapon for three seconds until you both draw and fire five bullets at one another. The game lets you pick your character from a selection of 10.

I especially like how the gore in this game is used showing different body parts being blown off and holes being left in your character really add to the simplistic fun you have while playing. The game also has a collection of bonus games that you encounter while playing such as shooting birds out of the sky or bottles being flung towards you.

The game also has a small collection of ‘cheats’ that can be used these include. laser pointers, infinite ammo and health and faster fire. A list of which can be found here. Overall I enjoyed this short simple game and would highly recommend playing it if you have a spare ten minutes.

Play Gunblood Here.

Stick War

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Stick war is by far the best flash game I have ever played. The game has a simple story, fun gameplay and is free. What more could you ask for?

The game starts by presenting you with a small cutscene as seen above. The cutscene gives the game some meaning setting up a story that gives what you do within the game a purpose, despite just being a simple flash game.

Stick war offers some great gameplay, from being able to slowly gather different unit types through the missions to being able to take control of a soldier and lead your troops into battle. The game is just fun. It allows you to take charge of a soldier that you have bought from mining the nearby resources. Once in control the character then has increased health and damage as well as being controlled by the player, meaning you can send in a group of soldiers to attack the enemies monument while you sit back and shoot from afar with your bow and arrow.

The game also has a varied amount of settings and two game modes in the form of missions, Each time you play you are given a different land mass to see being different variations of green hills to desert lands at dusk. As well as this the game has an extra game mode that is just an ambush mode, instead of being tasked with destroying a monument you are told to defend your monument from the enemy ambush and given time to prepare.

The game also offers a save game feature that really helps as if you lose a battle if you had forgotten to save it would bring you to where you has last saved your game. Overall Stick War and its sequel Stick War 2 are both very well made and fun games, that I recommend playing.

Play Stick War Here.

Play Stick War 2 Here.

This was my research and opinions of some of the best flash games out there, I recommend playing all of these great flash games. I have provided links to all of the games underneath each of the respected headings. All images were of my experience while playing the game I took screenshots as I progressed in each game, documenting the details of each game after I had played them.


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