Graphics Tablet Drawing

I was asked using a graphics tablet to choose a person that we would have to draw a silhouette using light and dark versions of that colour to highlight the dark and light areas of the picture. This was also to help us to learn how to use the program Photoshop.

The person who I decided to draw was Rowan Atkinson as Mr.Bean, The reason for this was more or less random chance as I just typed in ‘famous people’ and the actor’s face was there.

I started off with the base colour being grey using this colour I basically just drew a silhouette of the picture, I think the picture negatively impacted my result as in an attempt to do the jacket it made the drawing look like it was his shoulders. After using the base colour I then choose black to highlight the dark areas of the picture, again I think the picture negatively affected my drawing as the picture was pretty much made up of the same colour, I then went with a lighter grey to highlight the lighter areas on the picture. I finally came to the last colour which was the same grey as the last one I used although the opacity was brought down to 60% I used this colour to try to show where the light would hit.

Overall I don’t think my drawing looks anywhere near that of the original image, however, I do feel more confident with using both Photoshop and a graphics tablet which was the purpose of the exercise.


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