Self Portrait In Adobe Animate

After using the program ‘Adobe Animate’ to create different objects with primitive shapes, which you can find more about that by clicking here. We were asked to create a self-portrait just using the simple tools given to us by the software.


I started by using the circle shape to create the rounded head, after that I looked on the internet to find some images I could use to sample the colour from to get the right shade for my face I also did this for most of the colour on my drawing. I then after drawing in a couple of lines around on the circle I used the ‘Selection Tool’ to move and form all the different curves you see on the face from the mouth to the hair. After I was happy with how most of the face looked I began to start to create some more facial features such as the tongue and eyes. The eyes were simple as all I had to  do was create two smaller white circles on my eyes, however, the tongue proved difficult as I had to use the ‘Selection Tool’ repeatedly and zoom in and out every so often just to see how it looked. I then decided to add some detail to the hair. I picked a lighter brown than my normal colour and put a rectangle in the top right of my head I then went back with the ‘Selection Tool’ again and formed it to look like it does, to give the impression of light hitting the head.

The overall creation of the face took around 20 minutes as I was still attempting to learn the different tools and how I could manipulate them. After the face was complete and I was happy how it looked, I decided to attempt to create a body for the character.chibi-drawing-1 This is the image after I created the rest of the body, The creation of the body was difficult as I had to keep redoing parts because as I got further into it I no longer felt like what I had done before worked with what I was doing. The shoes alone took around five minutes each due to me not feeling like they looked right. I think in the end I ended up with a creation that I am happy with. I am also now more confident with using adobe animate to create different, characters and shapes.


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