Primitive Shapes


primative-shapes-1Starting in Adobe Animate, we were given 6 shapes and told to try to recreate them as best we could with little to no knowledge of the software. Once I began to find where I could change the outline of the shape creating the base shapes became easy as all I did was change a couple of the settings before I drew the shape. The Start and Pentagon were the most difficult as for the pentagon I had to change how the lines looked but the option was buried within other settings, for the start I had to go into the shapes menu and change how many sides the pentagon should have but instead of changing the sides all you had to do was change the shape to a star then adjust the colours so it looked like the one we were shown.


So after creating the basic shapes we were then shown a set of new shapes and told we had to make them out of the shapes we already had, The circle, rectangle, pentagon and star were simple. All I had to do was use the ‘Selection Tool’ on them and move a certain point  to create the shape that was shown to me. For the oval, it was confusing at first until I realised I had to change the main body colour to white and change the thickness of the border, that left the square. After trying different methods for the star I realised that I need to create a start with the characteristics, a white body and a blue checkered border and then placed it onto the red square.


After I finished the activity I was asked to create a self-portrait only using the shapes and simple tools, you can find a post about that here. I now feel more confident with using the tool in Adobe Animate to create different shapes with little work.



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