Model Refinement


I began to refine my Rick and Morty spaceship from ‘this post’. I looked closer at the model and the image to see small details I could add, I also got some feedback from a classmate They said:

  • The model looks like the original image turned into a 3D form.
  • My model has a fair amount of detail.
  • The ship is curved and smoothed well.
  • Could add finer details such as the bumper stickers.
  • Sine fine details already added such as on the screws works well.

Looking at this feedback although mostly positive does give me some guidance on what to do next to help me refine my ship model further. Going forward I will be adding some smaller details to my ship and preparing it to be textured, I will finish the underneath of the ship as it is the only part as of now that is incomplete to finish this I will need to add small half wheels as in the show when the ship lands it has wheels that can be used. Doing this will help with a later part when animating the ship, I will not connect the wheels to the ship so that in the animation process each wheel can have its down turning animation without affecting the ship as a whole.

Front View Of Ship




Back View Of Ship


As you can see in the images above I have added more detail than was seen in my previous post. I have added in indents to the engines as  since they are both of a  garbage can, they needed to look as such I also added the thrusters into the back part of the engine. I have also added the rim on the dome, Indents onto the rim of the ship and the boot of the ship using the extrude tool. I have tried to get it as close as I could to the ship from the show. As well as these additions I have also added some of the lights to the front and screws to the rim of the dome.


I did not like how the screws turned out because as you can see in the image above I had to use  the extrude tool on my model to create the look of how I though the screws should look but since I was working with a dome shape it was difficult to create a convincing cut.

Overall I am mostly happy with how my model looks so far and I will continue to add and change things till I feel that my model is ready to go onto the texturing stage. I will create a separate post on the texturing of my model when I get to that stage.

3D view of my ship in Mayaezgif-162770667.gif


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