Ink Splats

We used theses ‘Ink Splats’ as a way to come up with new and unique character designs, We started by loading up Photoshop, although this can be done in any software, I recommend Paint.NET for a free alternative that offers a wide array of tools you can find a download for it by Clicking Here.

After we loaded up Photoshop we found the ‘Lasso Tool’lasso-tool-1using the ‘Lasso Tool’ we then started to create random shapes by moving the mouse in a sporadic fashion as seen in part 1 of the image below.

Secondly, we used the ‘Paint Bucket Tool’paint-bucket-tool-ps.pngfilling the area of our created shape as seen in section 2.

We then use the ‘Paint Brush Tool’670px-Use-Tools-in-Adobe-Photoshop-CS6-Step-6Bullet1.jpg to begin to create a figure that you can see begin to form in section 3.

ink 2.png

After creating a couple of Ink splat drawings that I liked. In this case being what looked to me like a ninja jumping and a dragon-type creature.

I began to create some ideas starting with the ninja, as you can see below the evolution of the

This is just used as an example since I cannot draw too well. I started by tracing the original ink splat with the ‘Brush Tool’  to get a feel for the character and how they were designed, after that I decided to stay with the ninja theme and found I liked the design of the characters head leading to a drawing of a ninja stood up, I also like how the ninja looked to have a cape so I kept that in the design as well as adding in a sword. I also retained the pointed legs from the original as I liked how they looked. The final stage was adding some kind of base colour to give an idea of what the final drawing would look like.


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