Plants VS Zombies Drawings

We went down to a local park and were asked to draw four things that could be used in a Plants VS Zombies game.

I started to draw some things I knew would be difficult to transform into a game character, I did this because I knew if I had these drawings my ideas would be original and different forcing me to think outside of convention.  DRAWING 1 ROCK.png

My first drawing was a rock, I decided to go for a rock as I felt I could create a character that has the characteristics of that object so in this case, the rock type creature I would create would be a strong character with a lot of health, The drawing doesn’t look too much like a rock but the idea is still there. The character itself would just resemble a large boulder with rocks for its legs and arms, however, the character would not have a head as the face would be designed onto the torso. DRAWING 2 tree.png

The second drawing was just a simple sketch of a thin tree that I saw the idea for this character since its design would lead it to be a thinner player type instead of having a lot of health like the rock the tree would move much faster and have about 60% of the health the rock would have. The character would be a thin tree with the leaves and branches being its ‘hair’ the character would also be smaller but have longer legs than most other characters to support the speed difference between the characters.14550690_762430503860170_455768921_o

My ideas for the third drawing are since the sketch itself seems to just be a couple of reeds coming out from the ground, the character could have the ability much like the ‘Pea Shooter’ in the original PvZ, to mount itself to the ground dealing out high amounts of damage with a good amount of health the tradeoff being that once mounted the character can not move unless they disconnect losing the power to do it again for an amount of time. The character itself would look to just be a collection of reeds but when they mount the character would grow several more that all, in turn, stick themselves into the ground.


This is a drawing of a tree that was surrounded by small flowers and a decorative base, my ideas for this character would be instead if having a lot of health, dealing high amounts of damage or being fast this character would have a deployable shield that when put down allowed any teammates to get inside and have a small health regeneration buff. The character itself would be a rounded bush that carries around healing equipment.


Before starting to draw the characters out of my drawings I did a small bit of research on the PvZ characters focusing on how the plant characters were created. I found that most of the characters had a skinny bottom from where they would be routed into the ground as well as the characters all seem to have a happy face, this is most likely due to the target audience for this game being for children around 7 years old. If I were to go forward into the design of the characters theses are some things I would need to consider as they would affect the decision to actually put them in a game.



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