Maya Spaceship Project

Using a program called Maya I have started to develop a replica of the spaceship from the popular show Rick and Morty.

While using the software I have learned multiple tools that I used and can use in future projects, such as extruding objects, beveling, and inserting edge loops just to name a few as well as using the tools I learned about in my previous post about Maya. You can find out more by going here.

Starting with a small cylinder I began to expand the bottom of it to form the basis of the UFO type spacecraft as seen in the show, I also then used another preset shape provided by Maya named a ‘torus’ I then selected a ring on the torus and extruded them bringing them to a point where they formed a circle, I then selected all of the inner vertexes and then went to the Edit Mesh tab and selected merge to centre forming the flat top you see in the picture below.                                                                                                                                                              ship-3






After creating the flat surface of the ship I extruded the flat surface and then added edge loops, to slowly create a curved dome for the cockpit of the spaceship as seen in the photo. The edge loops provided an easy way to curve the top as every edge loop I added was moved a little and as I got closer to the top it created the dome. There was a small issue with this as due to the edge loops been added it lead to a small circle at the top of the dome that will be visible later when I attempt to extrude the dome to form the metal rim that goes over it.


SHIP 2.png






When the base of the dome was complete I then moved on to creating the engines, which are modeled after garbage bins. So I took a cylinder and flipped it on its side, then I selected the inner vertexes  of one side and merged them together. I then started work on the tube that connects each engine to the spaceship, I found that the torus shape that I used earlier matched perfectly with the link on the drawing, so I kept adding the torus shape and slightly curving it each time to link what would be the engine to the ship. Once the basic model of the engine was formed I then copied it and moved the copy to the other side moving it slightly to keep away from symmetry as the ship is far from symmetrical. I then merged the engines to the tubing and then the tubing to the ship.                       ship-5


This was the creation of the base part of the ship, I will have another post detailing more complex details that I will add to the ship, which you can find by Clicking Here. I will also have another post about the texturing of the ship at a later date.


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