Programming With Shapes

We started to use a program called Adobe Animate which is a software that allows you to create small games using different tools such as animation and programming.

I started by loading up Adobe Animate and doing a ‘Hello World’ task which basically has me type in a few lines of code that gets the program to display the words ‘Hello World’ However you can find a much more detailed guide to using Adobe Animate by Clicking Here.

After I completed the ‘Hello World’ task I moved on to creating a scene out of shapes giving commands that told the software to draw shapes and fill them with a specific color, determined by the Hex code assigned to that color, for example, the color code for Blue is #0064a2 and Red being #bd0300 although both have many different shades, you can find a website that shows you all of the colour hex codes Here.

To start with I used a simple command to create a green circle.

graphics.beginFill(0x44CC44) ### This code chooses the color that we will use for our shape in this case (0x44CC44) is the hex code for a light green

graphics.drawCircle(200, 200, 50) ### This code tells the software to draw a circle then giving it the coordinates (200, 200, 50) telling it where to draw the circle, giving us a result of.Untitled2.png






After fiddling around with the software a little, adding different shapes and colors till I got something that looked like a plane field with a tree in it. I used different colors using a website, I also began to use rectangles as they fit better with creating the sky and ground as well as the tree base.

Untitled CODE.png
Code Of Final Result
Final Result

Later after changing a few things about I discovered that I could use a randomizer hex color that every time I loaded the program it would provide a random color for each object assigned that hex code. The code being (0xFFFFFF) following code that tells it to randomly change it after setting this as the color code for every object I then added in another scene and had it jump from one to the next creating a visually pleasing program.




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