The EGX Trip

I had the opportunity to go EGX, which is the UK’s biggest ever games event.tumblr_n0u2vtdmbZ1r6sk6wo1_400.gif

While at EGX I was allowed to play some of the biggest games releasing later this year and next such as Tekken 7, WWE 2K17 and Sonic Mania. I also viewed some of the developer sessions, that can be found by clicking here to be viewed on Twitch.TV.

While at EGX I also got round to see some of the new Indie games being worked on such as Dead of Day, Gang Beasts. P.E.T. as well as much more you can find a full list by clicking here of both Indie and AAA games.

EGX also had different areas such as the Retro Gaming area where everyone could play on older platforms such as Playstation 2, Xbox, NES and arcade machines. Every time I passed the area it was full of people wanting to play the classics, which could link to the fact a lot of older games are being ported over to new generations of consoles.

Note: Not actually an EGX image

There was also multiple Virtual Reality, including a booth where you could play a VR game while standing in a green screen room where everyone else who looked at the screen could see you in the game and what you were looking at. As well as that standard VR system were also available to use such the new PlayStation VR  and mobile VR like the MVR ascend.


I also have a code for 50% off any game at Excalibur games, although no use to me if you happen to buy your simulation games there you can use this code at the website (EGXFIFTY) over at although a common code still you save money so why not.20150926_165503.jpg

At EGX I also experienced a side of these events I never really looked at before, that would be the cosplay area, where people who come to the convention come dressed up at their favorite characters, personally not for me but I have to say it was fun just to see the amazing amount of effort and detail that goes into some people’s cosplays.

Overall I enjoyed my experience at EGX, it was a fun place to hang out and meet like-minded people while playing the newest games however it is also a good place for anyone who wants to know more about the industry, from the dev talks to the games themselves. I know this post may be a little lackluster when compared  to other posts, but you really just need to experience EGX for yourself. I would highly recommend EGX  and I look forward to going to more gaming conventions in the future.


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